Warri: The Second Richest City in Nigeria

Warri is the second richest city in Nigeria, few steps behind Akwa Ibom which is the largest oil producing state in Nigeria with a total ranking of 31.4% production! Warri the second largest oil producer in Nigeria, produces as much as 346,000 barrels of crude oil per day! This is why we label it the second richest city in Nigeria because of its concentration of wealth. Warri has an in-depth broad concentration of rich human and natural resources. Warri is Nigeria’s oil city! It is one city amongst many others in a region in Nigeria called Delta State and the capital of Delta state is Asaba.
Common guys; as much as 90.1% of Nigeria’s oil wealth comes from just a 7.5% total land area in Nigeria called the Niger Delta and in second place with a bulky chunk of this oil wealth comes from the richness of the city of Warri. Delta state is the umbrella state governing the region to include Warri, while Warri is the heartbeat and economic hub of Delta State. Aside crude oil and natural gas, delta state is also known to be blessed with rubber, clay, timber and fine sand.
Warri is a goldmine and Nigeria’s wealth pride. Without the region of Niger Delta, what will Nigeria really have to boost of? Agriculture?! How much wealth can a large country like Nigeria produce from Agriculture enough to cater for its citizens, knowing fully well that all other countries also indulge in their own agricultural production. While all countries in one way or another indulge in some form of agriculture or food farming; crude oil and natural gas is a special gift from God to only a few nations and Nigeria ranks as the sixth largest oil and natural gas producer in the whole world and the number one largest oil and gas producer in Africa. Think about it; a large chunk of this wealth comes from the rich city of Warri. Impressive right?!
Warri as part of the Niger Delta region and with a vast concentration of rich human and natural resources can confidently and unapologetically be describe as the wealth pride of Nigeria. Call a spade a spade! The Warri culture is great and exciting, embodying three major ethnic groups known as; the Itsekiri’s, the Ijaw’s and the Urhobo’s. The local language spoken both tribal and English language is unique. The English language spoken in Warri is with such hilarious twist to the Original common English language that we all know. The Warri English language is refined to suit the common man there. The Warri English when used in a sentence, fascinates the ears and would cause anyone who even understood what was said to laugh in astonishing amazement.
With all these said; I implore the Nigeria government to begin to pay sincere attention to the Niger Delta area especially Warri as it is just one city in comparison to other oil producing regions which are basically states. Warri should not be ignored or taken lightly! It sometimes beats my imagination how much Nigerians complain about the lack of infrastructures and development in the country when we have such rich oil wells in Niger Delta producing a vast amount of wealth in petroleum; about 2.6 million barrels in a day!!!
The Niger Delta to include; Akwa Ibom, Warri, Rivers, Bayelsa and it's indigenes should be treated with respect. The old crude oil refineries need to be fixed and new ones built where appropriate. A scholarship scheme that actually works and is fair to all should be in place for the benefit of the indigenes. Thorough mapping and censuring of the Niger Delta area especially Warri needs to be established. Nigeria pay attention to your wealth pride; Warri, Niger Delta

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