A story about my pet Dog

I am one who loves animals a lot. I find them to be very great companions. My dog's name was Timmy and I had him for three years plus. My vet doctor said that Timmy was a German Shepherd mix breed.

In my village “Issele Azagba”, it is an abomination to own a dog. Dogs are tagged as evil. It is believed that evil doers use this animal (precisely dogs) to perpetuate evil. It has been the village’s belief and practice before I was born.

My parents and I, did not live in my village; We live in the urban part of Nigeria called Lagos. Lagos in Nigeria is like New York in America where anything legal is allowed. On a Saturday morning, my parents decided to take the whole family out to an eatery. I think someone in my family was celebrating something but I can’t remember what.

On our way, there was a very serious traffic congestion. Looking out of my window was this guy holding a puppy and stretching it out to motorist so they could buy it. The sun was so hot and the guy was holding the puppy roughly. From the look on the puppy’s face, you could tell he was uncomfortable. I couldn’t stand it anymore; I reached out for the dog and paid the man N500 (in Nigerian currency). The guy took the money happily and dashed off.

My parents were astonished. I had forgotten that it was a taboo to own a dog or puppy. I did what I did out of pity for that animal. Since we couldn’t return it because the seller had left and also, we weren’t in my village, my parents had to approve that I keep the puppy.

They watched him grow from a puppy to a big dog in a year! My parents actually love Timmy. He was so friendly to us although very aggressive to strangers; so we chain him whenever we had visitors come around.

He has attacked and bitten a couple of our unsuspecting visitors. I would in those days hope that he wouldn’t make me regret buying him. Anyways, I cannot deny the fact that I did love my pet dog; even with everything he’s done. My pet dog was a very cute dog

Another thing I noticed was the way the dog attacked other animals like hens, cats and even lizards; and killed them whenever they wandered into my compound. Whenever chickens enter into the compound, Timmy would kill them and then eat them raw. Then after 5-10 minutes, he would throw up everything he has eaten. I told my vet doctor about this, but he said that it was a normal behavioural pattern for German Shepherd dogs. He then went on to say that whenever Timmy eats any raw animal again that I should give him fresh oil to lick and he will be fine.

There is something else; whenever I take him out to mix with female dogs, because my dog is a male dog, he is always unfriendly and scares them away and sometimes he gets into a fight with other male dogs. But whenever he is with me or any member of my family that he knows; he would then start ejaculating on our legs but with other dogs he won’t even play with them. Awful!!!

Since I bought Timmy; for one reason or the other we have not gone to the village for the Christmas celebration. But I am guessing that when the time comes for the whole family to travel to the village, that we will find a home where there will be plenty of dogs to keep him until we return

Update: I left Nigeria in 2011 for the United Kingdom. The last I heard of Timmy from a family member was that Timmy wandered away and has since not returned.

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