Nigerians and their love for Chilli

Nigerians love to eat chilli. If there is one thing all tribes in Nigeria have in common; is their love for chilli locally called pepper. Its fair to say that almost every Nigerian food contains some amount of chilli in it. Chilli which is locally called pepper is an essential ingredient in almost every meal.

Nigerians love to eat pepper. I would say that the best way to a Nigerian’s heart is to present them with a meal well spiced having a noticeable amount of chilli in it. Some Nigerians even go as far as saying that if there is no pepper in their food that it could cause them to throw up or vomit.
There are different types of chillies consumed in Nigeria; there is the scotch bonnet, mixed pepper, bird eye chilli, finger chilli, red bell pepper and more. Peppers are great for the body; they are a naturally healthy choice. They provide the body with lots of nutrients needed to function properly.
For best result; it is recommended that you use a combination of peppers when cooking your stews or any food. Using an assorted combination of peppers when cooking a meal gives your food a scintillating flavour rich aroma and a deep sumptuous taste.
The more variety of chilli you use to prepare your stews for example, the better tasting the outcome of that stew will be. Using a rich blend of different types of chilli to cook stew, jollof rice or any local food will produce a richly flavoured tasting food.
No wonder Nigerians love chilli! I am guessing their love for pepper emanates from the need to produce a deep flavoured, deliciously tasting, aroma filled meal especially for loved ones!
Next time you meet a Nigerian and want to impress them, try inviting them over to your home for a chilli packed meal or better still take them out to a proper Home cooked Nigerian restaurant.  They will love you for that.

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