Fearless Nigerian Lawyers

Nigerian lawyers deserve an accolade. The tenacity of these guys is exactly what a country as monumental and ethnically diverse as Nigeria needs to step into the real world of modern civilisation. The world is fast advancing; technology is expanding at a fast pace and it is a thing of joy to boast that we also have a legal system that can stand the test of time.

Truth be told, in all the world, I am yet to come across or read about any institution or an association of lawyers with the bravado of the Nigerian Lawyer. Their daring, straight talking, no beating around the bush attitude towards their obligation to the country and its citizens; thereby upholding the oat they took at the bar is outstanding.

I say this because of the many life events that has taken place and the involvement or contribution of our Nigerian lawyers to help better the situation and in many of these incidents there were no fees involved. They literarily took charge of a number of cases for free. Seriously, acts like these do deserve to be acknowledged. Acts like these, where you find professionals fighting the causes of fellow Nigerians without financial incentives should be applauded.

For instance; when a doctor takes care of a dying patient without first worrying about his fees or where a government official awards a contract to the intellectually deserving candidate rather than to a low-brainer for financial reward.

Nigeria cannot remain a baby forever, at some point the young must grow. Nigeria must grow, Nigeria must rapidly advance to meetup with the global pace. Change must come to Nigeria; good change and it must begin with us as individuals.

Therefore, I would like to use this article to applaud our Nigerian lawyers for their tireless contributions to the betterment of our country Nigeria.

I would also like to applaud the group of Nigerian lawyers who have also taken steps to join world giants like Egypt and the United States of America in dragging the Chinese government to court over their irresponsible and politically motivated spread of this global pandemic; and its adverse effect on the country’s economic and social life. The $200 billion lawsuit against china is a ground breaking achievement for the group of Nigerian lawyers involved and I pray that they win the case and bring home the money. China definitely deserves chastising for their irresponsible politically incited global spread of this epidemic.

The willingness, zeal and ability of the group of lawyers involved in this case against China goes to prove that Nigerian lawyers have the ability, power, skill and intelligence to compete favourably and to contribute their quota fairly on a global scale.

God bless.

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