Dating a Nigerian (What to Expect)!

Nigerians are beautiful people. They are one of the genuine souls on earth. You can depend on a Nigerian who is your friend. They really are dependable, reliable, trustworthy friends to have around. However, when it comes to the issues of dating, relationships and marriage, Nigerians play it different in comparison to the rest of the world. They have their own structured indoctrinated ideology, perception, mentality, concepts etc, built solidly around the issues of dating, relationships and marriage. Nigerians love to go on dates. They are generally open-minded individuals willing to explore new territories and break new grounds. For the Nigerian man, dating is his way of trying to initiate or establish a long-term relationship. When a Nigerian man goes on a date, after a couple of such dates, he begins to nurse the idea of stability, commitment and possibly marriage. An established fact about Nigerian men is that; they are straight talking, straight to the point thinking and acting. They love to cut to the chase. They don’t really fancy the idea of beating around the bush and besides, the economic and social factors in the country also do not encourage or allow for playing games. I mean in Nigeria you have to work hard for your money compared to the western world were people get paid benefits even if they do not work. So, because he has to work hard for his money, every date must count towards something meaningful. An important factor for dating in Nigeria; For men, is that they have to be financially established. Having some level of financial stability for the Nigerian man is a must! It is an essential requirement for finding and securing a proper date. Without the man becoming financially independent; that is, having sufficient physical cash in his bank account, it is an almost impossible task to secure a proper date or even a relationship irrespective of his future prospect. The physical availability of cash for the man according to the Nigerian societal mentality is a ‘must have’ if he wants to secure a date compared to the ideology in the western world where a man only needs to have a good prospect to secure a date not necessarily the physical availability of cash. For the Nigerian Lady, Woman or girl; she loves the idea of being pampered. They love the pampering that comes with dating. The gifts, calling cards or recharge cards as it is generally called in Nigeria; the fancy restaurant visits and much more. Dating in Nigeria; for the lady is a time to be pampered by her admirer. The easiest way to win the heart of a majority of the ladies in Nigeria is to be financially stable enough to shower her with gifts. They really love the Pampering; seriously! The Nigerian woman, lady or girl sees dating as a way of financially assessing the capability and capacity of her admirer and his ability to cater for her needs if she were to consider going into a serious relationship with him. The more generous a guy is to a lady he admires, the closer he is to securing a serious long-term relationship with her. This ‘generally’ applies to all Nigerian ladies irrespective of their age or qualification. This is not to say that the Nigerian female is materialistic but like I earlier said, that this mentality and practice emanates from a deeply rooted indoctrination. It is a widely acceptable practice, consciously or unconsciously exhibited by a majority.

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